what i made (much delayed)


The blog post below was written back in April, and I am just now getting around to finishing it and posting it. I am once more off of Facebook (don’t worry grandparents; Theo pictures forth-coming via blog and email), and plan to take a nice long break… I might even (gulp.) delete my Facebook account at some later date.  Now my interest in the blog is renewed, and I am (seriously) hoping to start posting regularly again. So, enjoy this post from April, and stay tuned for more, please (or, as Theo would say, “mo, meas!”).


Deep in the proverbial heart of each human, there lurketh the crafting instinct. I’ve been pretty well out of touch with my inner crafter as of late, but then I got inspired to try it out after 1) making friends with people who craft and make cool stuff 2) I gave up Facebook for Lent. In place of Facebook browsing, I searched for blogs about re-purposing and up-cycling stuff from around the house. And thus, my inner-craftess, previously buried, was inspired, and free to emerge.

After a bit of Googling ’round the internets, I stumbled upon a most helpful site: Brit and Co. On this site, there were hundreds of nifty ideas listed, including an entire post about fun ways to re-use old T-shirts. I immediately started to kick myself for gently nudging (read: forcing) Eric to part with his sizeable stash of old T-shirts recently. I did, however, happen to have one T-shirt from the give-away pile still hanging around the house.  The text on the shirt reads something like “Buck’s Diner – Bad Food, Lousy Service” (’nuff said). Tacky text, yes, but it is a nice rich maroon color, and I thought it’d be a good color for my first project or two.

First on the list: a knotted headband.  I have a bajillion baby hairs (read: pesky hairs 1.5 inches long, all over my head, and of course most visible at my hairline) flying around my head these days, due to massive post-baby hair loss, and the ensuing re-growth. These baby hairs (apt name) are rebellious; they resist taming and make me look like I had too many margaritas, took up a pair of gardening shears and started to attempt a haircut… with no mirror. In the dark. With one hand tied behind my back. Anyway, I have been informed by a kind but blunt Vietnamese hairdresser at the Supercuts in Ogden (a five star establishment, I assure you) that I currently have almost no hair, but in two years, my hair will look normal once more. Sort of.

ANYWHO. Back to the headband.

The construction is pretty simple, and while it took me a bunch of tries to get the knot just right, I enjoyed the process. I made two of these this weekend: one for myself and one for the baby girl of a friend.

tacky t-shirt transformed!

tacky t-shirt transformed!


Today I completed my second project: a nautical necklaceI found both projects on Brit and Co. (Side-note: I was wondering about the distinction between repurposing and up-cycling; if you care, check out this link.) For the necklace, the maroon shirt was put to use once more, and this is what I came up with:


not-ical hard at all!

not-ical hard to make!


I wore that headband constantly for like two months. It was very handy for swiping the dreaded mess of short hairs off my sweaty brow while chasing after Theo all day. And I wore it for all things active, including running and yoga. It made bad hair days more manageable, as I was able to cover a whole lot of weird hair bumps (we all get them sometimes) in seconds and look quasi-polished. All that to say, I loved the headband. However, it is no more, and I will forever grieve the loss. Jokes. But really, I do miss it, and plan to make a replacement one of these days. The fabric became misshapen after constant wear and it started to look mighty goofy, with a big loose looking strand of T-shirt fabric bulging at the back of my head. Still, it had a good life, and I am happy to memorialize that life here.

I never really wore the necklace out and about (other than for the above photo!)… and I think I actually threw it out in my pre-move mass purge of un-useful stuff. However, I want to try out other styles of home-made necklaces that I might actually want to wear. The nautical style didn’t really float my boat.


making toothpaste!

Last weekend we made our very first batch of homemade toothpaste! It was fun to tinker with the recipe I found online, and make it our own. The results are surprisingly great, and it is nice to know that we are using a toothpaste without any potentially harmful chemicals.


Here is the recipe we ended up with, after modifying the one I linked above:

6 tbs coconut oil (virgin, organic)

6 tbs baking soda

20 drops peppermint essential oil

2 tbs xylitol (sweetener purported to help prevent tooth decay)

I had originally planned to use stevia as a sweetener, but the xylitol is much cheaper and I had read that it is good for teeth. After some further research, it seems like that claim is not one with lots of hard science backing it, so I think we’ll stick with stevia next time.

The recipe is inexpensive (much cheaper than store-bought toothpaste) and very easy to make! I recommend it.